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I'm working on a web app (not native) that's using Web SQL for phone data storage, along with Sammy.js, Knockout, and jQuery Mobile. We have a single dataModel.js which opens the database, creates tables, and populates/updates/retrieves from them. Inside this datamodel, we use self=this and self.database is assigned to window.openDatabase:

console.log(typeof window.openDatabase); //function

self.database = null; //or
//self.database = {};

self.database = window.openDatabase('db', '1.0', 'displayName', 1024*1024);

if(!self.database){ //or
//if(typeof self.database === null){
     console.log(self.database); //null
     console.log(typeof self.database); //object
     alert("Your browser does not support Web SQL");


This works fine in most every phone, bypassing the conditional block with the alert, but we've seen one or two running Gingerbread (specifically, one's a Motorola running 2.3.5) where self.database is returning null after calling window.openDatabase.

I've tried taking the maxSize value (last param) down to as low as 16KB and also changing the version to an empty string, but neither change seems to make a difference.

Again, the app works fine in most devices, including others running as low as Froyo and up to Jellybean.

Anyone have any ideas what could be going on in the few devices that are failing on window.openDatabase? I've looked high and low and the only references I can find to this issue have to do with native apps and methods that can be used to configure storage, which I can't access, AFAIK. For example, Blogspot: Android - Web DB database object returns null.

This post assumes the call to window.openDatabase is exceeding a storage quota and specifies using a method on WebStorage.QuotaUpdater to update the available storage space. From all I've read, Web SQL should always support up to 5MB, and our default has been 1MB.

Thanks for any suggestions.

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