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Below code resulted in the error: Service error: SitesApp: Internal Error (line 7)

var DOMAIN = "test.com";
var SITE_NAME = "test-login-page";

function formSubmitReply(e) {
  var sitetemp = SitesApp.getSite(DOMAIN, SITE_NAME);
  var site = SitesApp.copySite(DOMAIN, "test", "test", "", sitetemp);

Kindly advise what is the problem? The above code was working previously. Browser: Chrome Version 23.0.1271.64 m OS: Windows7 SP1

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2 Answers

I have also this issue since yesterday. Exactly the same. This should be handled as a high priority. Best regards

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Same thing here.

While invoking the methods like .createSite() and .copySites() with SitesApp, I get an error: "Service error: SitesApp: Internal Error". I also checked on with other domains and I could see the same error.

Demo Code:

function createSites(){
  SitesApp.createSite('domain.com', 'testingonsites-test', 'Site Title',  'Thisis a demo summary');

Logger returns: Service error: SitesApp: Internal Error.

It would be great if you could fix the issue as soon as possible.

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