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I have made two classes in a SVG-file to decide the fill color of many many different shapes. The different shapes are grouped and now I want them to change differently on hover. On hover I want all the fill in class "test1" (that are inside the groupe) to change to e.g. #000000 and to set the opacity in the class "test2" to 0.8.

<style type="text/css" >
    .test1 { fill:  #006600;}
    .test2 { fill:  #0000FF; opacity: 0.3;}
    g:hover { ????? }

Any leads?

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Assuming a markup such as...

  <rect class="test1" ... />
  <rect class="test1" ... />
  <rect class="test2" ... />
  <rect class="test2" ... />

Your CSS would be...

.test1 { fill:  #006600;}
.test2 { fill:  #0000FF; opacity: 0.3;}
g:hover .test1 { fill: #000; }
g:hover .test2 { opacity: 0.8; }
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Now I've made it work! Thanks a lot! :) – user11448 Nov 22 '12 at 6:32

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