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I am having a problem in cakephp code, following code is working fine.

 $options['conditions'] = array(
        'Tender.archidata_interest !=' => 'Not interesting',            
    $options['order'] = array(
        "FIELD(Status.flag, 'communication_pending', 'active')"
    $archidata_tender = $this->Tender->find('all', $options);

but cake pagination code is not working with order clause.

 $tender_cond[] = array('' => $local_tenders_id);   
$this->paginate = array('page' => '1', 'limit' => $pagelimit, 'order' => array("FIELD(Status.flag, communication_pending, active)"));$this->set('tenders', $this->paginate('Tender', $tender_cond));

I am using FIELD(Status.flag, communication_pending, active) for getting result based on following order but its not working and also not giving any error. required help Thanks

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Is it just a matter of you forgetting the quotes in the pagination code? Try changing this:

'order' => array("FIELD(Status.flag, communication_pending, active)")

to this:

'order' => array("FIELD(Status.flag, 'communication_pending', 'active')")
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Thanks for your reply Bill, it works with 'order' => "FIELD(Status.flag, communication_pending, active)", by removing the array its strange but works fine in my case. – Coder Nov 28 '12 at 7:25
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'order' => "FIELD(Status.flag, communication_pending, active)" removal of array worked for me :)

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