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in the below

sig building{
    abv: Man -> Man
 all m:Man | Above(m,m.abv)

What does the below mean? How is it related to the signature definition? Is this a relation for the sig?

 all m:Man | Above(m,m.abv)
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That is called "appended fact", and the meaning is that it must hold for all atoms of the corresponding sig. So, an equivalent fact for your model would be

fact {
  all b: building |
    all m: Man | Above[m, m.(b.abv)]

In appended facts you can use the this keyword to refer to the current atom of the corresponding sig, so a clearer way to write your appended fact would be to explicitly write m.(this.abv), as opposed to relying on abv being implicitly expanded to this.abv.

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