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I installed the All Autocomplete package in my Sublime Text 2 editor and everything works fine except when I type "<div" or something similar, the auto-complete box pops up, I select the one I want and hit enter and it adds "<<div></div>" with an extra "<" in the front of my tag. I have to go back and delete the extra "<" every time...(!)

I can't seem to resolve this issue. If I use the command CTRL+Space, the box pops up and I can select the tag I want and it does not include the extra tag but that messes with my flow.

Has anyone out there experienced this? Thanks for your help!

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I've just installed the package and it seems to work fine for me.

I type <div and then hit Tab or Enter and it completes correctly.

The only thing I can think of is that the AllAutocomplete package is conflicting with another package/plugin you may have installed.

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I went in and uninstalled all packages related to HTML and now it seems to work fine. Thanks for pointing that out. – ReLeaf Nov 22 '12 at 13:05

It seems to be a problem with Zen Coding. See here.

Unfortunately I tried all suggestions there, including peruvianidol's 'Packages/HTML/' solution, but haven't had any luck.

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No luck here either. I don't even have Zen Coding installed, and I have this issue. And it happens to every type of autocomplete scenario, no matter the syntax or plugin. I even thought there might be something bound to the tab key, and so, with FindKeyConflicts, listed all the packages that respond to tab and disabled each one. Still no luck. Ugh---k, enough of this distraction; back to work. – Jay Dec 13 '15 at 1:49

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