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Assume that we have class User created by Propel.

What is the correct place for MVC to place method login()? This method will implement auditing log interactive with AuditLog class.

  1. User::login()
  2. UserQuery::login()
  3. UserPeer::login()
  4. WebController::login() and APIController::login() and MobileController::login()
  5. AuditingLog::login()
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Active record instance is NOT a model. –  tereško Nov 22 '12 at 5:13

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While lots of people will argue one way or another, in my opinion the act of logging in is not a function of the Model, but business logic that belongs in a Controller. That said, duplicating the functionality across your three controllers isn't really optimal either. My recommendation would be to have a static class outside of the controllers that handles some app logic like that and which each controller calls.

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