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I want to scrape few websites and many suggested Scrapy. It is Python based and since I am very familiar with PHP I looked for alternatives.

I got a crawler PHPCrawl. I am not sure if it is just a crawler or will it provides scraping facility as well. If it can be used for scraping- will it support XPath or Regular expressions.

How can it be compared with Scrapy which is on Python.

Please suggest me which is best to use for scraping the websites.


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PHPCrawl is a pure crawler, it delivers found pages and their sourcecode to users "as they are" (together with some context-information). Therefor it's fast, it's able ot use multi processes and has tons of options to configure it.

Can't say much about Scrapy since i didn't use it so far.

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Thanks but what I need to know is- can PHPCrawl be used for scraping ? –  Manoj Kumar Nov 23 '12 at 11:34

Yes, of course. But as i said, PHPCrawl delivers the page-sources, and you have to extract the data you want to extract from it.

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If it delivers the page source, i can use DOMObject and get the details. BUT this can also achieved using file_get_contents() in other way. what for phpcrawl is usefull if it provides only the page source and no inbuilt methods for using xpaths... –  Manoj Kumar Nov 23 '12 at 13:02
It's a webcrawler, file_get_contents isn't ;) If you just want to get the source of a single page then you'll be fine with file_get_contents(). –  xuh Nov 23 '12 at 14:40

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