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How the heck to people do this? Grooveshark does it, Youtube does it. How do they get flash variables into the swf via the querystring?

Here's a link to my OG code and I know it's fine:


You can see in my source that the og:video property is set properly:

But how the heck do I get that id into Flash in the news feed on facebook without access to ExternalInterface of any other variable tools in OG?

I'm pulling my hair out here!!! AAAAAAAAAAA.

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I figured this out. I removed the ExternalInterface call which was disallowed by Facebook for security reasons and stumbled upon loaderInfo.loaderURL to get the querystring id. I then just do a remote call to pull in everything via a json encoded string. Works like a charm.

My strategy with stack overflow is to ask a question 8 hours after working on something. 10 minutes after asking, I find the answer online. SO is my Saint Anthony, Patron of Lost Things.

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