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I run a query that returns the first word only from a particular field, this field has multiple words separated by spaces. The result of the query will be value of the select box I create dynamically. I have 3 select boxes that are created dynamically depending on the selection of the other.

Problem is query returns entire sentence and that is displayed in select box as well. I tried running the query solely in database and it seems to give me the correct result.

Here is the code snippet. How can i resolve it??

 //     First selection results     //
if(isset($_GET['func'])&& $_GET['func'] == "drop_1") {

function drop_1($drop_var)
$result = mysql_query("SELECT DISTINCT SUBSTRING_INDEX(`h_name` ,' ', 1 ) AS name FROM hypermarket_em") or die(mysql_error());
echo '<select name="drop_2" id="drop_2"><option value=" " disabled="disabled" selected="selected">Select City</option>
        <option value="ALL" >ALL</option>';
while($drop_2 = mysql_fetch_array( $result )) 
      echo '<option value="'.$drop_2['name'].'">'.$drop_2['name'].'</option>';
echo '</select>';
echo "<script type=\"text/javascript\">
    $.get(\"func.php\", {
    func: \"drop_2\",
    drop_var: $('#drop_2').val()
    }, function(response){
    setTimeout(\"finishAjax_tier_three('result_2', '\"+escape(response)+\"')\", 400);
    return false;

Any ideas much appreciated. Thanks.

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Sorry that was wrong copy paste. See my edits please. – Wafa Nov 22 '12 at 5:45
Refrain from using the mysql_* functions, as they're deprecated, and use is highly discouraged. Check out this article on to choose an alternative API: – Timr Nov 22 '12 at 5:54
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You are setting the substring

SUBSTRING_INDEX(`h_name` ,' ', 1 ) AS name

but still referencing the full original string $drop_2['h_name']. Try changing to -

while($drop_2 = mysql_fetch_array( $result )) 
  echo '<option value="'.$drop_2['name'].'">'.$drop_2['name'].'</option>';


If you are correctly using the alias name in $drop_2['name'], I am not sure why it is still echoing the full string. You could use the explode() that I first answered with, as a fail safe

while($drop_2 = mysql_fetch_array( $result )) 
  $firstWord = explode(' ',trim($drop_2['name']));
  echo '<option value="'.$firstWord[0].'">'.$firstWord[0].'</option>';
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i have used substring as mentioned in my edits above. i get correct result in my database when i run the query solely. But not hen i display it in php. – Wafa Nov 22 '12 at 5:47
I have edited my answer, based off your edit – Sean Nov 22 '12 at 5:53
I did that too.But no help..:( – Wafa Nov 22 '12 at 5:56
Any more ideas?? – Wafa Nov 22 '12 at 6:10
No idea. When you set the alias AS name, it should be echo'ed correctly when doing $drop_2['name']. As a fail safe, you could do the explode() that I suggested with my first answer. I will re-add it. – Sean Nov 22 '12 at 6:16

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