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In my application I am converting a NSString to HexString. But I always require a fixed size(16 bytes) hex string e.g. if the length of my hex string is 15 bytes, I want it to be 16 bytes. I know that I can add zeros at the beginning of the hex string, but how to add that because simply adding a "0" is not working while I am converting it back into NSString.

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stackoverflow.com/questions/3056757/… visit this –  Nitin Gohel Nov 22 '12 at 6:00

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You can try this code....

+ (NSString *) stringToHex:(NSString *)str
 NSUInteger len = [str length];
   unichar *chars = malloc(len * sizeof(unichar));
   [str getCharacters:chars];

  NSMutableString *hexString = [[NSMutableString alloc] init];

    for(NSUInteger i = 0; i < len; i++ )
      // [hexString [NSString stringWithFormat:@"%02x", chars[i]]]; //previous input

      [hexString appendFormat:@"%02x", chars[i]]; //EDITED PER COMMENT BELOW

   return [hexString autorelease];

I hope this will help you. happy coding.

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