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In Haxe, is there any script or command that can automatically run a Haxe program in multiple target languages? I'd like to write a script that does the following:

1) Compile Haxe source code to JavaScript, C++, PHP, and Java.

2) Display the output of the Haxe program in each target language.

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You can do this with normal hxml, and a special js runtime that lets you output to the terminal. I'm using phantomjs, but other environments like node.js are possible.

Note that I need to add append a specific exit command in order for phantomjs to exit properly. See the phantomjs docs for more details. You'll also need to install hxjava and hxcpp from haxelib.

I'm using -next here to do multiple compilations in one pass. You can easily break this up into multiple hxml files, and manage it via a makefile, etc.

  -main Main  
  -php php                                                                        
  -cmd echo "PHP:"                                                                
  -cmd php php/index.php                                                          
  -cmd echo "\n"                                                                  

  -main Main                                                                      
  -js bin/Main.js                                                                 
  -cmd echo "phantom.exit();" >> bin/Main.js                                      
  -cmd echo "JS:"                                                                 
  -cmd phantomjs bin/Main.js                                                      
  -cmd echo "\n"                                                                  

  -main Main                                                                      
  -cpp cpp                                                                        
  -cmd echo "CPP:"                                                                
  -cmd ./cpp/Main                                                                 
  -cmd echo "\n"                                                                  

  -main Main                                                                      
  -java java                                                                      
  -cmd echo "JAVA:"                                                               
  -cmd java -jar java/java.jar                                                    
  -cmd echo "\n"     
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Which operating system(s) is this script intended to run on? –  Anderson Green Jan 1 '13 at 6:55
This should work on typical unix systems. For windows you'd have to change the directory slashes. "echo" and the ">>" operator should work on most platforms. –  jdonaldson Jan 9 '13 at 0:05

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