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I need a regex to find the last match of a pattern in JMETER This is the string I have

"blah blah n="12" blah blah n="13" blah blah n="14" KEYWORD blah blah"

what I want is the last n=value before the keyword

This is the regex I tried,


but the regex matches everything between first n= and KEYWORD. It doesn't exclude the n= patterns in between

Can somebody help me crack this nut??

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Why do you need the negative lookahead, when there is the KEYWORD following? Then you could just use


and find your value in "$1". See it here on Regexer.

If the KEYWORD can change you can ensure with a negative lookahead that there is no more "n=" following in the row


See it on Regexr

and if you don't want the "n="" to be part of the match, you put that in a look behind assertion:


See it on Regexr

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Thanks for the help. The second one worked for my case. The first one didn't as there can be some strings before the KEYWORD and between n="value". Sorry for not mentioning it correctly in the question. –  user1844124 Nov 22 '12 at 6:57

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