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.net web application development.

I am involved in a project regarding University. In this project I have to effect 3 table in a single button click, for that I have to execute 3 queries at a time.

So my requirement is to write a procedure to execute 3 queries at a time.

Please help me to go forward.

thank you, bye.

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Are you using this stored procedure inserts / update the tables? Or there different select statement to retrieve the data? –  Gowdhaman008 Nov 22 '12 at 6:40

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what's the problem?

create procedure dbo.usp_3Queries
    @Variable1 int,
    @Variable2 int,
    @Variable3 int
    update dbo.Table1 set Column1 = @Variable1 where Column2 = @Variable2

    update dbo.Table3 set Column3 = @Variable3 where Column2 = @Variable2

    update dbo.Table4 set Column3 = @Variable3 where Column2 = @Variable2
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Question is very broad and unspecific.....

So you just write that procedure and execute the three queries....

CREATE PROCEDURE dbo.YourProcedureNameHere  
     *possibly a list of parameter*
   -- Query #1
   DELETE FROM dbo.YourTableNo1
   WHERE (some condition)

   -- Query #2
   UPDATE dbo.YourTableNO2
   SET SomeColumn = SomeSIllyValue
   WHERE (yet another condition)

   -- Query #3
   SELECT (list of columns)
   FROM dbo.YourTableNo3
   WHERE (you guessed it - another condition)

We can't really help you much more unless you can provide

  • table structures
  • more details on the queries you want to run
  • what kind of issues / problems you're facing
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