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I'm fairly new to C++ and I'm attempting to learn how to use pointers. I have the following file that creates coordinates and then moves them in random directions using a random number generator.

The value sigmaf_point is inputted from a text file:

 void methane_coords(double *&sigmaf_point)

 double dummy_int = 1;
 string dummystring;
        string s;

        ifstream Dfile;
        std::stringstream out;

        out << 1;
        s = out.str() + ".TXT";
        Dfile.open (s.c_str());

        if (Dfile.fail())

        for (int i=0; i<dummy_int; i++)
        Dfile >> sigmaf_point[i];

Which I then use in another function:

double initial_energy(double **coords_fluid, const double *box_size){

// Loop over all pairs of atoms and calculate the LJ energy
double total_energy = 0;

for (int i = 0; i <= n_atoms-1; i++)


        // Energy fluid-fluid
        for (int j = i+1; j <= n_atoms-1; j++)

            double delta_x = coords_fluid[j][0] - coords_fluid[i][0];
            double delta_y = coords_fluid[j][1] - coords_fluid[i][1];
            double delta_z = coords_fluid[j][2] - coords_fluid[i][2];

            // Apply periodic boundaries
            delta_x = make_periodic(delta_x, box_size[0]);
            delta_y = make_periodic(delta_y, box_size[1]);
            delta_z = make_periodic(delta_z, box_size[2]);

            // Calculate the LJ potential
            double r = pow((delta_x*delta_x) + (delta_y*delta_y) +

        double e_lj = 4*((1/pow(r,12.0))-(1/pow(r,6.0))/e);

        total_energy = (total_energy + e_lj);

coords_fluid is created in the main file like so:

double **coords_fluid = new double*[5000];

Now the problem is with sf1=sigmaf_point(coords_fluid[i][3]);

I get the error "expression must have pointer to function type" for sigmaf_point. I'm a bit confused about this, I know it's about how I call the variable but can't seem to fix it.


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can you provide a sscce? –  Default Dec 12 '12 at 12:10
when I google the error message I find a lot of information. What investigation have you done in order to resolve this? –  Default Dec 12 '12 at 12:12

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First of all: Rereference to pointers are completly useless since it a pointer is already a sort of reference. So change double *& to double * or double &. It will be faster.

Besides I see that you're using sigmaf_point as a function and as an array. Which one is it? Could you give the declaration of sigmaf_point?

Assuming it's an array change

sf1 = sigmaf_point(coords_fluid[i][3]);


sf1 = sigmaf_point[coords_fluid[i][3]];
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