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i want to add a class library to my project in C# 2008 and that class library is a wrapper for a C++ library. i added the reference to the .NET wrapper and it says io.notfind exception. i copied C++ DLLs to my project and again it says file not find exception. what can i do to fix this? the original C++ libraries where 2 DLLS that has lib files to but i did not copy those lib files because as i know they are for static linking

the library that i want to use is "awesomium" and the wrapper is awesomiumdotnet

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You could use depends.exe to check if there are any missing dependencies (which would normally result in a FileNotFoundException)

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  1. You add a dependency manually or by using VS? Proper way is use of VS.
  2. When error occurs? When you run application or when you compile it?
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