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I am using colors drop down in list view.In this dropdown,From the datasource,I am able to display colors from my database. what I want is that,In the drop down,For each value i want to display name of color and squarish box filled with this color. I have implemented the below for displaying drop down,

 <select STYLE="width:90px;height:auto" id="Flag" data-bind="value:prj_flag"  data-text-field="usr_color"  data-value-field="usr_id" data-source="FlagdatSource" data-role="dropdownlist"></select>
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Do you know how to define it NOT using KendoUI? I mean, if you know how to do it using HTML select then you should be able implementing the same in KendoUI using template in DropDownList (check KendoUI DropDownList). Doing this, you reduce your problem to a CSS question instead of a KendoUI.

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You should create your server to return not only the text of the for these colors but also the color codes. Then all you need to to is to create a template.

Here it is in action, the only difference is that it is using local data (not coming from a server).

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