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I'm tring to build a android client for a website, of which I have no control. I can only use httpwatch to detect the data flow and decide to use either post method or get mathod.

Here I come across a problem, after logining in the website, I click a button to load some data(the url in the browser dosen't change,name it url-1), it works well and the httpwatch tells it is using get method with a target url(a different one,name it url-2). If I paste the url(url-2) in the brower it returns to the login page without loading any data. I check the html source code and find the iframe tag, which may be used to realize local refresh.

In android, I use httpclient to do post or get, I can login in and keep a connection with the server, but I failed when tring to use get method to load some new data, it also returns the login page.

Why it works like this, is there any way to get the right answer?

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