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I am doing a random file access to write log records in it. Later, I do access the log based on the log number. Using the log number I do calculate the offset of the record and directly access that. The function SetFilePointerEx is used to set the current location in the file and from there I can directly read the record.

The function expects the LARGE_INTEGER as parameter. How do I use LARGE_INTEGER for the SetFilePointerEx function? The req. notes says that the program will be targeted to 64 bit OS.

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Assuming LARGE_INTEGER li;, just set li.QuadPart to the LONGLONG value you need for your file offset and use li for the offset argument in the call. Or did I miss something obvious.?

LARGE_INTEGER li, lo={0};
li.QuadPart = yourOffsetValue;

SetFilePointerEx(hFile, li, &lo, FILE_BEGIN);
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Thanks WhozCraig. That helps... Also I can able to write the records at random location. I looked at the Union and got confused. Thanks for the Answer. – Sivaraman Nov 22 '12 at 8:58

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