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We are using Play 2 authenticate plugin for a REST API and I would like to simply return 200 or 403 for login attempts.

The plugin's code looks like this:

public static Result loginAndRedirect(final Context context,
        final AuthUser loginUser) {
    storeUser(context.session(), loginUser);
    return Controller.redirect(getJumpUrl(context));

Is there any way to avoid the redirect without forking the plugin project?

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Did you take a look at the Resolver ?… – nico_ekito Nov 22 '12 at 8:12

I ended up handling this at the controller:

public static Result login() {   
    Result r = MyUsernamePasswordAuthProvider.handleLogin(ctx());
    if (r instanceof Redirect && PlayAuthenticate.getUser(session()) != null) {
        return ok();
    return forbidden();

There might be better ways to do this though.

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I just stumbled in the same scenario, and as nico_ekito pointed out, this can be achieved by extending PlayAuthenticate.Resolver and overriding:

    public Call afterAuth() {
        return routes.Application.restAfterAuth();

So you can return any route of your app.

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