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I got a tricky problem. I have to record specified database operations into my database log table. It is a custom table, not relevant to any system database table. It takes the form of SQL statements, but I am using NHibernate as my data access methods.

So how do I make it?

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The only way to ensure that all commands are logged would be to setup a SQL Trace and have it log all commands to a SQL Server table.

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Not the only way, as other answers demonstrate, but this can often be the quickest way. –  EMP Feb 4 '10 at 0:12

Take a look at this article. It uses NHibernate + Log4Net

It did not work straight out of the box for me since I was new to Log4Net. I guess any other logging framework would do if you know how to set it up.

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While I would have to try it out myself to be sure, you should be able to use a custom interceptor to do this. Check IInterceptor and inherit from EmptyInterceptor. Something like this should work:

public class LogSqlInterceptor : EmptyInterceptor { 	
  public SqlString OnPrepareStatement(SqlString sql) {

logger is obviously whatever you are using to log the sql statements. It could just be File.WriteLine(). I am fairly certain this will do what you want but I can't test it right now.

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