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I am new to Oracle SOA Suite Currently I am working on User defined XPath Functions. As part of this, I will prepare a jar file and need to deploy into weblogic server(10.3) domain lib folder(fusionmw\soasuite\11gR1\11.1.1\sp4\user_projects\domains\DOMAIN_NAME\lib). When ever this jar is altered, I need to replace this in server domain lib and restart the server to load the changes. But I feel this is not a good practice in production server to restart.

Is there a way to auto load updated jar into server's domain so the changes will reflect immediately instead of restarting the server.

Thanks in advance, Swamy.

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Auto-deployment is a method for quickly deploying an application to a stand-alone server (Administration Server) for evaluation or testing. It is recommended that this method be used only in a single-server development environment.

You can run a WebLogic Server domain in two different modes: development and production. Only development mode allows you use the auto-deployment feature

To auto-deploy an archived application, copy its archive file to the /autodeploy directory. WebLogic Server automatically sets the application’s deployment mode to stage mode.

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Few words of caution when using autodeploy

  • Make sure that the server is running while you are adding/replacing/deleting a jar/war/ear in the autodeploy folder. Otherwise the server goes out of sync
  • Make sure the server is running in development mode otherwise the autodeploy folder changes are not seen by the server instance
  • In case you are packaging your jar/war/ear in a windows system then deploying it to a weblogic server running in a Unix environment, the weblogic instance will fail to unpack/autodeploy the file through the following exception Error opening file - filename.war Message - error in opening zip file error in opening zip file with ... Message - error in opening zip file ....

  • Read this link
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