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I have a scenario where a client (mobile app) would send an update query to my GAE website to see if the website has a newer version of a resource and if it does it would return this resource (zip-file) otherwise it would just return a json response "all up to date" (or perhaps a Not Modified 304 HTTP response code)

How should the REST URL look (coming from the mobile app)?


Thankful for any help I can get.

What I have so far is... but I'm getting a 404 for some reason when doing http://localhost:8080/update/1

INFO 2012-11-22 10:12:18,441] "GET /holidays/1 HTTP/1.1" 404 -

class UpdateHandler(webapp2.RequestHandler):
    def get(self, version):

        latestVersion == 1

        if version == latestVersion:
            self.response.write('You are using latest version')
            self.response.write('You are not using latest version')

app = webapp2.WSGIApplication([('/update/(.*)', UpdateHandler)], debug=True)
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Both are okay. This is not a very specific python or appengine question, though. – Hans Then Nov 22 '12 at 8:58
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I would go with the following approach:

Your code should look like this:

import webapp2

class UpdateHandler(webapp2.RequestHandler):
    def get(self, version):
        # Do something for version

app = webapp2.WSGIApplication(
    [(r'/update/(\d+)', UpdateHandler)], 
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I'm getting a 404 when I try this. (INFO 2012-11-22 10:12:18,441] "GET /update/1 HTTP/1.1" 404 -) – Peter Warbo Nov 22 '12 at 10:13
See my updated answer please. I forgot that you are using webapp and not webapp2. – Thanos Makris Nov 22 '12 at 11:17
I am using webapp2... – Peter Warbo Nov 22 '12 at 11:29
Check the new update please. – Thanos Makris Nov 22 '12 at 11:57
Ok, so if the user is not using the latest version how would I serve the user (mobile client) with a that resides on the server? – Peter Warbo Nov 22 '12 at 14:00

If you intend to use HTTP 304, you should see if you can get the client to make a conditional GET request. E.g. add a header If-Modified-Since: Thu, 22 Nov 2012 09:24:52 GMT.

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