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Is there something similar to the Python utility virtualenv or Ruby utility rvm?

I want to switch SBCL to Clozure CL, for example.

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Management of software systems would be done by something like ASDF (define software systems and actions for them) and Quicklisp (downloading of software systems via central registration). AFAIK it does not deal with multiple versions of a software systems, such that you can say which version to load. Using different Lisps with the same library should work, since each Lisp usually has a different file type for compiled code (and/or uses a different directory for the compiled code).

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It's not "fully" in the sense of rvm. But the slime software has support for nearly any Common Lisp. You start in emacs with M-x lisp-you-want.

I'm not fully sure if Clozure CL is supported. Anyway the homepage of SLIME is at:

What it does not support is the installation of diverse Common Lisps. You either install them manualla or via your package management software (e.g apt in Debian)

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