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I have an Ember.js app that gets its data from a JSON resource, and puts it into an ember-data model (Not sure about the terminology) for use in a Handlebars.js view. When I try to put the data into the template context, I get this error:

TypeError: arrangedContent.addArrayObserver is not a function

I've made a Fiddle to demonstrate it. Use the actual Fiddle to view the code, use the following link to see the error (which makes it try to put data into the template/view):

s =, 1);

The above works fine, and returns "test".

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I updated the fiddle:

Your mistake was to declare your ItemController as ArrayController, but your Data Store just returned a single entity. I fixed that and additionally your Handlebars Template, as this was not working either.

So this is the new controller declaration:

ItemController: Em.Controller.extend(),

And the updated Template:

<script type="text/x-handlebars" data-template-name="item">

Here the working link:

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