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I'm having issues sending email messages with Metoer. Im getting "Email is not defined" error. I've tried "meteor add email" but it didnt help.

Am I missing something?

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did you setup the MAIL_URL environment variable ?

From meteor docs :

The server reads from the MAIL_URL environment variable to determine how to send mail. Currently, Meteor supports sending mail over SMTP; the MAIL_URL environment variable should be of the form smtp://USERNAME:PASSWORD@HOST:PORT/.

For apps deployed with meteor deploy, MAIL_URL defaults to an account (provided by Mailgun) which allows apps to send up to 200 emails per day; you may override this default by assigning to process.env.MAIL_URL before your first call to Email.send.

If MAIL_URL is not set (eg, when running your application locally), Email.send outputs the message to standard output instead.

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Yeah I defined the MAIL_URL as per this article: blog.ploki.info/post/35718279108/send-email-with-meteor-mailgun Also tried deploying to the meteor server, which as per the excerpt above would automatically configure the MAIL_URL. Even without it configured, it should still send the message to standard output – RiaanZA Nov 22 '12 at 13:54

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