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I am developing plugin with help wpmvc plugin. I am facing problem to Ajax call.

I have added router.php file.

MvcRouter::admin_ajax_connect(array('controller' => 'tbl_projects', 'action' => 'show'));

I have create show() action in controller file and show.php file in view folder. I have added js function in js file:

        url : ajaxurl,
        data : {
            action : 'tbl_projects_controller_show',
            postData : ''
        dataType : "html",
        type : 'post',

I am getting '0' response when the Ajax call

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Following should help you move on:

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Check this URL so that it may help you:

I too am looking for the same thing as you do... If you arrive at a solution please do share it so that i too can solve the issue...

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