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This is what I have in controller:

private MediaView mediaView;

In method that handle button pressed I got filechooser:

   File file = fileChooser.showOpenDialog(null);

    if(file != null){

and this is method initPlayer:

private void initPlayer (String uri) {
        if (uri == null)
        if (mediaPlayer != null) {
            mediaPlayer = null;

        Media media = new Media(uri);
        mediaPlayer = new MediaPlayer(media);
        mediaView = new MediaView(mediaPlayer);
        mediaPlayer.setOnReady(new Runnable() {
            public void run() {
                // TODO Auto-generated method stub

this is part of code from my view created in scene builder:

<Pane layoutX="80.0" layoutY="14.0" prefHeight="480.0" prefWidth="640.0">
          <MediaView fx:id="mediaView" fitHeight="480.0" fitWidth="640.0" />

When I choose file I am hearing sound but I don´t see video. What´s problem with this code? What I am missing?

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A MediaView instance is created by the FXMLLoader and placed in your Pane when you load your FXML file.

You don't need to create a new MediaView and when you do it is not being attached to the scene which is why you can't see anything.

Instead of:

  mediaView = new MediaView(mediaPlayer);


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There must be problem somewhere else too. I think you are right with this but I tried it and doesn't help. So do you have more ideas? Thanks –  Libor Zapletal Nov 26 '12 at 8:45

If you hear only the sound and you are on Windows XP computer there may be missing codecs.

See http://docs.oracle.com/javafx/2/system_requirements_2-2/jfxpub-system_requirements_2-2.htm

Or you can check the error player provides, if there's any

mediaPlayer.setOnError(new Runnable() {    
    public void run() {
        String message = player.errorProperty().get().getMessage();
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