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I have gameObjects and I need to put them to the list, something like that:

List<GameObject> unityGameObjects = new List<GameObject>();

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unityGameObjects.Add(new GameObject());
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its an adding gameobject to the list, in my case I need to instanciate the unityGameObjects list in another script, it will be helpful if you'll help in this case – Timy Ash Nov 22 '12 at 9:55
This answer is wrong and does not solve the problem. – FunctionR Oct 11 '14 at 23:47
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I found the solution for my question, thereby I'll ask my question, maybe it will be helpful for someone else:


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You first create your list.

List<GameObject> unityGameObjects = new List<GameObject>();

You need to have a reference to the GameObject you which to add to the list. You can do this by looking for the GameObject or by creating a new instances of it.

Looking for the GameObject

GameObject g = GameObject.Find("NameOfGameObject");

Creating a new instance

You can't call new on GameObjects because they are MonoBehaviours but you can instantiate them from a prefab.

GameObject g = Instantiate(prefab);
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