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Today i was learning some c++ basics and came to know about wchar_t . I was not able to figure it out , where shall we actually need this datatype ?

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It's used when char is not enough, for example when using Unicode characters and strings. –  Joachim Pileborg Nov 22 '12 at 9:45
you'll need it, if you want to work with sanskrit characters in your program, for example –  user1773602 Nov 22 '12 at 9:45
some people think you shouldn't use it at all. –  Ian Nov 22 '12 at 9:46
how can we use wchar_t as string ?can we display the whole string based on that character ? –  vivek Nov 22 '12 at 9:58

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wchar_t is intended for representing text in fixed-width, multi-byte encodings; since wchar_t is usually 2 bytes in size it can be used to represent text in any 2-byte encoding. It can also be used for representing text in variable-width multi-byte encodings of which the most common is UTF-16.

On platforms where wchar_t is 4 bytes in size it can be used to represent any text using UCS-4 (Unicode), but since on most platforms it's only 2 bytes it can only represent Unicode in a variable-width encoding (usually UTF-16). It's more common to use char with a variable-width encoding e.g. UTF-8 or GB 18030.

About the only modern operating system to use wchar_t extensively is Windows; this is because Windows adopted Unicode before it was extended past U+FFFF and so a fixed-width 2-byte encoding (UCS-2) appeared sensible. Now UCS-2 is insufficient to represent the whole of Unicode and so Windows uses UTF-16, still with wchar_t 2-byte code units.

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wchar_t is a wide character. It is used to represent characters which require more memory to represent them than a regular char. It is, for example, widely used in the Windows API.

However, the size of a wchar_t is implementation-dependant and not guaranteed to be larger than char. If you need to support a specific form of character format greater than 8 bits, you may want to turn to char32_t and char16_t which are guaranteed to be 32 and 16 bits respectively.

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The wchar_t type is used for characters of extended character sets. It is among other uses used with wstring which is a string that can hold single characters of extended character sets, as opposed to the string which might hold single characters of size char, or use more than one character to represent a single sign (like utf8).

The wchar_t size is dependent on the locales, and is by the standard said to be able to represent all members of the largest extended character set supported by the locales.

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The wchar_t data type is used to display wide characters that will occupy 16 bits. This datatype occupies "2 or 4" bytes.

Mostly the wchar_t datatype is used when international languages like japanese are used.

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