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I am developing contact manager in struts with options(add,delete,modify,print).

I am thinking to map multiple actions(map multiple actions to the same class struts 2.3) to the same class(ContactManager).

I want to know whether it is correct or whether there is need to write separate action for each action?

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One good way to go, imho , is to use one Action for every action you have to perform, each one extending its last-forked parent Actions, like:

|          |----- ExcelReportAction
|          |----- PDFReportAction
|          |----- CSVReportAction
|          |----- CreateAction
|          |----- ReadAction
|          |----- UpdateAction
|          |----- DeleteAction
|          |----- ReadSessionCountdownAction
|          |----- CheckNewMailsAction


Every Action extended by others will share protected attributes / methods to the children.

Take a look at this: struts2, changing parameters after bind

My 2 cents.

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