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I need to print signal name in linux by its number, but strsignal(9) return description of signal("Killed") but not name - SIGKILL. Is there any way to get such name, except insert predefined array in sourcecode?

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I can't think of any standard function for it. You could generate a function using a script:

echo "#include <signal.h>" |\
  g++ -E -dD -xc++ - |\
  awk '$2~/^SIG[A-Z]/ && $3~/[0-9]+/ { print "case "$2": return \""$2"\";" }' \
  > signal_to_str_cases.inc

And then in code:

#include <signal.h>

char const* signal_to_str(int signo) {
    switch(signo) {
    #include "signal_to_str_cases.inc"
    default: return "<unknown signo>";
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Yeap. Seems like scriptway is only way in linux. Thanks. –  dtoch Nov 23 '12 at 14:20

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