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I am getting the data from the UI as follows, all the below input data are strings.

cust_id : temp001 cust_chart_id : testing default_chart : false chart_pref_json : {range:6m,chart_type:candlestick,indicators:{},period:Daily,futurepadding:20} }

I am trying to store chart_pref_json in mongodb. This chart_pref_json object is actually stored in db as a string below,

{ "_id" : ObjectId("50aca4caf5d0b0e4d31ef239"), "cust_id" : "temp001", "cust_chart_id" : "testing", "default_chart" : "false", "created_at" : NumberLong("1353491658551"), **"chart_pref_json" : "{range:6m,chart_type:candlestick,indicators:{},period:Daily,futurepadding:20}" }**

But i actually want this chart_pref_json to be stored as an json object as below.

{ "_id" : ObjectId("50aca4caf5d0b0e4d31ef239"), "cust_id" : "temp001", "cust_chart_id" : "testing", "default_chart" : "false", "created_at" : NumberLong("1353491658551"), **"chart_pref_json" : {range:6m,chart_type:candlestick,indicators:{},period:Daily,futurepadding:20} }**

Can any one help me out on this issue.

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when i am trying to save "chart_pref_json" : {range:6m,chart_type:candlestick,indicators:{},period:Daily,futurepadding:20} } in mongodb , it is saved as string "{range:6m,chart_type:candlestick,indicators:{},period:Daily,futurepadding:20}" instead i want to store as json {range:6m,chart_type:candlestick,indicators:{},period:Daily,futurepadding:20} without "". – Sandy Nov 22 '12 at 10:19
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When you have the JSON code as a string, you first have to parse the JSON code and then convert the resulting JSON object to a BSON object.

You can use the class com.mongodb.util.JSON which comes with MongoDB. Here is a tutorial.

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Before you set it as a field in your application, you need to use your language's JSON decoding abilities to encode it as an object. In PHP, you would do that like:

$db->collection->insert( array(
    'cust_id' => 'temp001',
    … your other fields …
    'chart_pref' => json_decode( $varContainingJson )
) );

For Java, the following example will help:

BasicDBObject obj = JSON.parse( varContainingJson ); 

Which is described at https://groups.google.com/forum/?fromgroups=#!topic/mongodb-user/Y3KyG_ZSfJg

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