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I have some puzzle pieces and it would be great if someone could help to master the pieces together to have a whole picture.

I have a couple of devs who develop on several git repo's locally and push frequently to the matching remote repositories on the server.

Now I would like to replicate or automate a second backup on another server.

I learned that when I define a post-receive hook on my remote repository and include a git push to my backup server then I could automate it that way? Is this correct?

Now: I have the local and the first remote repo under control but not so much the backup repo. So if somebody starts a new git repo I could distribute the post-receive hook via global git settings. But is it possible that I can check in my post-receive hook if the back-up repo exists and if not init a new one and then push? And if it exists just push the current state to the backup. I found something like git ls-remote to query the remote but to not know how to handle it...

But like said I am not sure how to write the git post-receive hook that it automatically re-pushes changes to the back-up server... and on top I have to use windows server for this =)

P.S.: I also saw something like git bundle but did not figure out how this could help me... Anyway I'm just looking for an automated backup solution for my remote repo to a backup repo...

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This is answered fairly well here: [mirrored backup servers for git][1] [1]: stackoverflow.com/questions/3284415/… – Byron Katz Sep 19 '14 at 2:18

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