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How can you use POST in this command?

var answer = $('#answer').val();
jQuery('div.answer_' + answer + ' a.delete_answer')
               .live('click', function(){

This should match this

 div.answer_answerExample a.delete_answer
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You are completely misusing the post function. What I believe you meant to do is this.

$('div.answer_' + $('#answer').val() + 'a.delete_answer')

On a side note JavaScript is case-sensitive and calling $.POST would also throw object not found error.

See the jQuery Docs for further reference.


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fixed these problems –  Masi Aug 29 '09 at 10:48

$.POST is a function not a variable that you can concatenate with strings. I don't understand what are you doing but you can't do it in this way. If yuo explain me better what you're tryng to do i can give you my help.

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I clarified my question. –  Masi Aug 29 '09 at 10:47

you need to fetch the result from post into some variable then you can use it in your code as follows (from jquery page):

var anaswer;
$.post("YOUR_PAGE", ,
    answer = data.answer;
  }, "json");
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