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I have an iframe control with the source pointing to a page defined in my code. Now How to save content of the iframe using javascript in Windows 8 store app ?I tried the below code but it never goes to any of the below if conditions.

    var ifrm = document.createElement("IFRAME");
    ifrm.setAttribute("src", "");
     if (ifrm.contentDocument) {
        // Firefox, Opera
        doc = ifrm.contentDocument;
    else if (ifrm.contentWindow) {
        // Internet Explorer
        doc = ifrm.contentWindow.document;

    else if (ifrm.document) {
        // Others?
        doc = ifrm.document;
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This is due to the security changes in WWAs. You'll need to add the destination URL as a valid destination in your manifest.

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Can I do adding of the destination URL as a valid destination in manifest programmatically? Because this URL is not the only URL I use in my app. – krrishna Nov 23 '12 at 5:17
Nope. You'll need to look at the sand boxing attributes for iframe security - these allow a little flexibility in this area. – Dominic Hopton Nov 23 '12 at 6:52

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