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I'm currently doing some mySQL/PHP but i'm stuck with one small problem. If the user deletes lets say id 4, there's gonna be a gap between sorting 3 and 5. So my thinking is that i need to -(minus) all sort numbers after sort 3 with one.

How do i do that in Mysql? :) I thought it would be something like following, but realize it didn't worked.

UPDATE menucard_category_content SET number_value = number_value-1 AFTER number_value=$sortnr

Table layout looks like:

1, pizza, 1, url
2, pizza, 2, url
3, pizza, 3, url
4, pizza, 4, url
7, pizza, 5, url
9, pizza, 6, url

Regards, Simon

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You can do it with an UPDATE statement:

UPDATE yourtable
SET sort = sort - 1
WHERE sort > 3
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Off course Mark, why didn't i think doing that solution. I will check it out, and let you know if it works :) –  simond Nov 22 '12 at 10:36

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