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Does anyone know how I can change the color of my ttk.progressBar? It now shows a green color, and I would love to have it blue.

import ttk
self.progressBar = ttk.Progressbar(frame3, length=560, maximum=100, mode='determinate');
self.progressBar.place(x=-5, y=60)
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this is a duplicate of my question but hopefully this will get more attention –  jbaldwin Nov 22 '12 at 10:54
but yeah, you can change the the colour in only one ( the alt) of the windows themes, basically. but using tcl you can change the state, but I'm not sure on that... –  jbaldwin Nov 22 '12 at 10:57

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you can change the color of a progressbar, but it is tricky. First, you need to understand that if you use the default theme, which is the default theme if you do not specify a theme in the tk.style. Then it will pass all the information it needs to the operating system, which will do the drawing using its style, disregarding style info you passed it. meaning it will draw a Window's style green progressbar on Windows and so on and so forth. What you need to do is change the theme to a custom one that ttk draws. Try the "clam" style, it is one of the best looking styles that ttk allows you to chose from. here is a working adapted excerpt from a script I wrote:

import Tkinter as tk
import ttk as ttk
root = tk.Tk()
frame = tk.Frame(root)
s = ttk.Style()
s.configure("red.Horizontal.TProgressbar", foreground='red', background='red')
ttk.Progressbar(frame, style="red.Horizontal.TProgressbar", orient="horizontal", length=600, mode="determinate", maximum=4, value=1).grid(row=1, column=1)

and here is a picture confirming it working

Progress bar color

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I edited your answer to include the picture itself (which should appear soon). Next time, use the image control to add an image directly, as a link may be broken in the future. Nice effort, though. –  MasterAM Jun 29 '13 at 19:35

The Progressbar appears to take a style argument. According to the documentation, a style can be used to set the foreground and background colours.

Note: I haven't tried it myself, just pointing you to the relevant docs

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