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I build a web mobile game, it runs on browsers (PC/Mobile).

Do I need to use the touchmove or not?

How can I run the touchmove event like the mousemove event?

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For parity between desktop and touch you have the following equivalences:

mousedown === touchstart
mousemove === touchmove
mouseup === touchend

Thus if you handle mousedown, mousemove and mouseup then you don't need to handle the corresponding equivalent events under touch. The same handlers should be executing.

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That is right, BUT : <br/> if you add the touch events it will NOT work like the mouse events. <br/> What we make for the touch mobile phone will NOT run on the PC. –  Solieman Nov 27 '12 at 8:25
Shouldn'd be (Mousemove && (MousedownHasFired && MouseupHasNotYetBeFired)) === TouchMove? –  Juan Garcia Jun 5 '14 at 18:41

Except on the ipad -- where mouse hover, mouse down, mouse up and click are all triggered... except if you change anything in mouse hover .. then nothing else gets triggered.... very annoying...more details see http://sitr.us/2011/07/28/how-mobile-safari-emulates-mouse-events.html

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