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Sorry for my english :)

I have NuSOAP version 0.9.5. And I have had an php error when tried to get a big data:

PHP Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 134217728 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 27255652 bytes)

Stack trace shows that problem was in varDump method.

My solution is:

I have changed varDump method (in nusoap.php) to:

function varDump($data) {
    $ret_val = "";
    if ($this->debugLevel > 0) {
        $ret_val = ob_get_contents();
    return $ret_val; 

and then reset


to 0 (from 9). In class.nusoap_base.php and nusoap.php.

This helped me.

Does anyone have any comments on this? Or maybe better solution?

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Thx for your idea but only your suggestion was not enough in my case see my answer below. Both patch was required to implement. – Miklos Krivan May 18 at 12:29

Many thanks and respect to Aaron Mingle for the real solution found for NuSOAP out of memory problem. The solution can be found here:

I already implemented and immediately tested and I am happy now because it works perfect. In my case I had approx 45 MB SOAP message size (including ~30 pdf files in base64 encoded) and even 2 GB memory for PHP did not helped before. So I have tried Aaron Mingle's solution and it was the good solution with only 384 MB memory granted to PHP.

+1 to Alexey Choporov as well because his suggestion is also required. So both modification is a must have patch in NuSOAP working preperly with larger messages.

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