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I would like to the following in Vim:

I have this remap in the .vimrc file

:noremap <C-r> :Ack!  /home/user/somefolder/

This is so I can search in Ack in a predefined path (somefolder), but when I use <C-r> to trigger this, the cursor stays at the end of the path, so then I have to use the arrows to go back to just after Ack! because Ack! expects the search term before the path.

Is there anyway I can configure this remap to put the cursor before the path?, so I can trigger <C-r> and immediately start writing the search term.

Many thanks for any help.

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That's easy:

:noremap <C-r> :Ack!  /home/user/somefolder/<C-Left><Left>

Just like most command-line mappings are concluded with a <CR> to trigger the command, you can also use cursor movements (this is also handy in insert-mode mappings and abbreviations).

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Thanks! This works as expected, I knew about <Left>, but I thought it only worked to navigate in the code. – J. C. Nov 22 '12 at 11:34

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