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I have two stores in my Magento Site (English/Welsh). Is there a way of sending emails in different language depending on what store view they purchased it from?

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There are two ways to do that

  • copy your mails to a app/locale/your_locale and localize them there
  • in the backend, under System -> Transactional Emails create new, translated mail templates. Next you have to assign these special mail templates under System -> Configuration -> Customer, System -> Configuration -> Sales Emails and so on for your store view.
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Thank you mate, the sales email for different store view worked like a charm. It was so simple as well. Great help! – Julian Nov 23 '12 at 10:20

The easiest way is to copy "email" directory from app/locale/en_US/template/ to the other language directory like this app/locale/xx_xx/template/email then open the files within this directory and translate it.

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