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My apache server is visited with \ (backslashes) in URLs such as\is\a\hacker\attempt.html

According to RFC 2396, section 2.4.3 the \ character in URLs are not allowed (%5C should be used instead) . For that reason I would like to configure apache to respond 400 Bad Request every time such character is in the request URL.

How can I configure apache to do that? Can I use mod_rewrite for that?

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OK. I misunderstood the apache log. The real case is that I get requests containing UTF-8 characters on that is I HTTP reqeust like GETæble where the æ is the two bytes C3, A6 (in UTF-8), so that shows up in the apache log as GET /\xc3\xa6ble. Using UTF-8 in URLs should be done with GET However I want apache to respond a 400 Bad Request in the case the HTTP request contains UTF-8 characters that are not percent encoded. – Jarl Nov 22 '12 at 11:55
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There is a more general question over at serverfault which contains the answer for this question:

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