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We are running applications on weblogic server. We have a requirement in which we want to monitor jdbc calls made on a data source. We only want to collect time taken for each sql to execute and number of times a sql is fired. I also want to collect this information per user session.

There are a few utilties on the web like weblogic jdbc spy, log4jdbc, etc. But they all required additional setup on the data source and provide output on a separate logging file which does not contain per session output as such. Is it possible to create another weblogic application that listens on a given data source and record all the sql and the timings per session? Please provide any pointers that you have.

TIA, Siva Rajesh

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Oracle JRockit Flight Recorder can be answer for you. I'm using him. Just make a record in defined time and then analyze gathered jfr file with Oracle JRockit Mission Control.


Oracle JRockit Flight Recorder manual

Oracle JRockit Mission Control

Or you can find your answer with parameter -Doracle.jdbc.Trace=true -Djava.util.logging.config.file=/jdbc/demo/OracleLog.properties

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