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I read documentation and post about uncompressing ZIP files but I've additional questions. I need to uncompress zip file in Qt. That is XML file compressed with gzip. I know that qUnCompress can uncompressing zip files prepared with ZLIB and ZLIB has diffrent header than GZIP.

As i read in documentation:

Note: If you want to use this function to uncompress external data that was compressed using zlib, you first need to prepend a four byte header to the byte array containing the data. The header must contain the expected length (in bytes) of the uncompressed data, expressed as an unsigned, big-endian, 32-bit integer.

Is that means that I have to put at the beginning only length (bigendian) and than compressed data ? I did it but I have an error from qUncompress function:

qUncompress: Z_DATA_ERROR: Input data is corrupted

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You need to write you own gUncompress() function using either zlib, or some other library, that implements the DEFLATE algorithm. I personally prefer miniz:


Here's some code for you:

#include <stdexcept>

#include <QtCore>

extern "C" {
# include "tinfl.h"

#include "guncompress.hpp"

static tinfl_decompressor inflator;

static QByteArray result(TINFL_LZ_DICT_SIZE, 0);

QByteArray gUncompress(QByteArray const& data)
  mz_uint8 const* inPtr(reinterpret_cast<mz_uint8 const*>(data.data()) + 10);


  size_t inAvail(data.size());
  size_t outTotal(0);

  tinfl_status ret;

    size_t inSize(inAvail);
    size_t outSize(result.size() - outTotal);

    ret = tinfl_decompress(&inflator,
      reinterpret_cast<mz_uint8*>(result.data()) + outTotal,

    switch (ret)
        inAvail -= inSize;
        inPtr += inSize;

        result.resize(2 * result.size());

        outTotal += outSize;

        throw std::runtime_error("error decompressing gzipped content");
  while (TINFL_STATUS_DONE != ret);

  return QByteArray::fromRawData(result.data(), outTotal);

Also note that zip files and gzip files do not share the same format. Zip files need to be handled differently, as they contain a directory of files they contain.

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Look for qzip.cpp, qzipreader_p.h, qzipwriter_p.h in the source for Qt. It can be used for reading and writing zip files.

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