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Q) Is it possible to query Appcelerator cloud services Places objects (insensitive) where: - name LIKE 'fred' - SQL would be something like?

SELECT * FROM Places WHERE name like '%fred%'

I.e. query would return (if existing):

  • Fred
  • Alfred
  • Winnefred

Please tell me if this is possible with a simple code block using Ti.Cloud or REST or anything!

Note: I've read the documentation thoroughly but can't find an answer there. Please don't direct me to the documentation for the answer. Thanks. Thanks.

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Possibly. What you want is a $regex in the "where" parameter of Places.Query. The docs say it only supports prefix searches, but maybe it can do more. The below would be the equivalent of your select.

    where: {
        name: { $regex: 'fred', $options: 'i' }
}, ...);

If it doesn't work, then you'll need to open up a feature request for it.

http://cloud.appcelerator.com/docs/api/v1/places/query http://cloud.appcelerator.com/docs/search_query

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Thanks for your reply Dawson. Unfortunately, it's only prefix which is useless. I decided a couple of days ago to ditch their crippled cloud services and just write my own WCF service hooked onto a modified cms I wrote a while back. It's a little more work sure, but the result is I get what I actually want i.e a proper search algorithm and any extra functionality I want without having to fudge through someone else's poorly written API! –  Dave Nov 28 '12 at 22:43
It seems like a bit of a leap to describe it as "fudging through" a "poorly written API" because one feature you want isn't currently present (unless you're harboring other hurts without letting on). Appc has a ticket for adding regex support to ACS, so it'll come in the future. Glad to see you got something working, though. –  Dawson Toth Nov 28 '12 at 23:52

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