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I have a String with \n - line breaks in Javascript, that I want to replace for another text using createTextNode() in Javascript.

<script type="text/javascript">

function changeText() {

var Explanation="Test\n Test2";

var parent3 = document.getElementById("The_Explanation"); 
var myP3 = document.createElement("p");
var myText3 = document.createTextNode(""+Explanation);

All tries to get the line break into the new text failed so far. All functions that replace \n to <br> only bring me to the result

"Test<br> Test2"

Any ideas anyone?

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You can't put an element node inside a text node. Text nodes cannot have child nodes.

  1. Split your string on new lines
  2. Loop over the array and generate a text node for each part
  3. Use createElement('br') to create a line break to go between each text node
  4. append all of the above
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You can use replace for that:

   Explanation.replace( /\n/g, "<br />" )l
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Here you don't need to escape '\' – Damask Nov 22 '12 at 11:34

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