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I develop JFace Wizard dialog. WindowBuilder allow to edit wizard pages, but i don't want to put my pages into separate files. How to instruct WindowBuilder parser to allow edit private class ? I've tried @wbp.parser.preferredRoot and @wbp.parser.entryPoint tags as below, but doesn't work.

public class ResetPasswordDialog extends Wizard {

    public void addPages() {
        Page1 p = new Page1(); // @wbp.parser.preferredRoot
        addPage(new Page2());
        addPage(new Page3());


class Page1 extends WizardPage {
    * @wbp.parser.entryPoint
   public void createControl(Composite parent) {

class Page2 extends WizardPage {

class Page3 extends WizardPage {
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WindowBuilder will not work with private components or inner classes. This is intentional and will not be changed. If you want to use WindowBuilder, each class must be extracted to a separate file.

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