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Is it possible to execute another awk file from a awk file? Using an awk file I need to execute all awk files in a current folder. Is it possible to do such operations in awk?

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Yes you can. You'll need to use the system() function. I'm assuming you only want to run these scripts once. If so, you can add them to the BEGIN block of your wrapper script:

    system("awk -f ./script1.awk")
    system("awk -f ./script2.awk")
    system("awk -f ./script3.awk")

If you have a large number of scripts that need to be executed, you can use a for loop. Do make sure that your wrapper script isn't in the same directory as all the other awk scripts you'd like executed, or it will be included in the glob of awk scripts...

    system("for i in *.awk; do awk -f \"$i\"; done")
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What is the point in calling an awk process from a shell that does nothing but calling a shell to run commands in? Instead of awk 'BEGIN{system("for i in *.awk;do awk -f \"$i\";done")}' you could also just run for i in *.awk;do awk -f "$i";done or even something like ls *.awk | xargs -L1 awk -f... – mschilli Sep 6 '13 at 21:18
@sg-lecram: Yes you could, but this was an awk question. Perhaps the OP needed to perform other processing and awk was the right tool for the job. Never parse ls. – Steve Sep 8 '13 at 10:04

1) Yes. 2) Don't.

awk is a tool for processing text. shell (or whatever passes for it on your OS) is a tool for invoking commands and manipulating files and processes.

Guess which one you should use to execute all the awk commands in your file system?

If you tell us what your bigger problem is and your OS we can guide you.

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What I need to do is just call one awk file and execute multiple awk files which are in some folder. – suraj Nov 23 '12 at 5:03
But why do you want to call awk to execute the awk scripts? Awk's a text-processing tool, not an OS. Can't you just execute the awk scripts from the shell (or other OS equivalent) that you want to call this top level awk script from directly rather than having shell call awk to call shell to call awk? – Ed Morton Nov 23 '12 at 5:48

It is suggested to use system function.

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A common use for system is using it to do something with an output file just created by the awk script. It may not work unless you first close(outputfile) before calling system.

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