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So in my documentation it says:

public event TreeViewPlusNodeCheckedEventHandler NodeChecked()

You can use this event to run cause a method to run whenever the check-box for a node is checked on the tree.

So how do I add a method to my code behind file that will run when a node is checked? The method I want to run is:

protected void TOCNodeCheckedServer(object sender, TreeViewPlusNodeEventArgs args)

    TreeViewPlusNode aNode = args.Node;
    if (!aNode.Checked)
    List<string> BaseLayers = new List<string>();

    List<MapResourceItem> mapResources = new List<MapResourceItem>();

    if (BaseLayers.Contains(aNode.Text))
        foreach (BaseDataLayerElement anEl in _arcTOCConfig.BaseDataLayers)
            if (!aNode.Text.Equals(anEl.Name))
                if (aNode.TreeViewPlus.Nodes.FindByValue(anEl.Name).Checked)
                    aNode.TreeViewPlus.Nodes.FindByValue(anEl.Name).Checked = false;
                    MapResourceItem aMapResource = this.Map1.MapResourceManagerInstance.ResourceItems.Find(anEl.Name);
                    aMapResource.DisplaySettings.Visible = false;
                    MapResourceItem aMapResource = this.Map1.MapResourceManagerInstance.ResourceItems.Find(anEl.Name);


        foreach (MapResourceItem aMapResource in mapResources)
            int count = this.Map1.MapResourceManagerInstance.ResourceItems.Count - 1;
            this.Map1.MapResourceManagerInstance.ResourceItems.Insert(count, aMapResource);

vs 2008 c# .net 3.5

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You need to assign a delegate to the event and have it run the method you want. Something like :

TreeViewControl.NodeChecked += new TreeViewPlusNodeCheckedEventHandler(TOCNodeCheckedServer)

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Just add a handler to the event.

myTreeView.NodeChecked += new TreeViewPlusNodeCheckedEventHandler(TOCNodeCheckedServer);

or (because instantiating the TreeViewPlusNodeCheckedEventHandler isn't actually necessary)

myTreeView.NodeChecked += TOCNodeCheckedServer;
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This is a standard case of registering a handler for an event

treeView.NodeChecked += TOCNodeCheckedServer;
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Where do I put the line? outside of the method? – mrjrdnthms Sep 25 '08 at 18:51
Anywhere where you have access to the treeView variable. For a TreeView that was created at design time, the constructor or Load hander for the Form would work. – Jonathan Rupp Sep 26 '08 at 18:00

On your initialise method for the form add

TOCTree.NodeChecked += new TreeViewPlusNodeCheckedEventHandler (TOCNodeCheckedServer);

This will tell your app to run TOCNodeCheckedServer when the TOCNode Fires the NodeChecked Event.

There are loads of resources on the web explaining how this works. Check out as an example.

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Forgive my ignorance but when I look at my .cs file I don't see a method that initializes the form. What am I missing? – mrjrdnthms Sep 25 '08 at 20:34
Is there a method on the form which runs first ? A load method without seeing your code its difficult to tell but you should have a method which is the entry point for the form. – SecretDeveloper Sep 26 '08 at 7:42

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